Upon meeting in Business School at the George Washington University, founders Matt Louderback and Ben Schwartz were linked through a shared entrepreneurial mindset. Awarded a consulting contract by a local law firm, together they spearheaded an operations and consulting project through which they became acquainted with the legal support services industry. The scope of the project required them to engage process servers nationwide, an experience which forced them to confront the issues many in the legal industry face when outsourcing service of process. Convinced that there exists an opportunity to provide better, more efficient and more consistent service they decided to form District Legal Services.

Now, equipped with the perspective of both a consumer and a purveyor of legal support services, District Legal is uniquely positioned to offer the best in both execution and customer service. We have successfully completed contracts for tax sale clients serving thousands of defendants, Pro Se jobs for independent litigators serving a single defendant, and jobs of every size in between. There is no job too large, or too small, for us to execute with excellence.

We pride ourselves on building a strong working relationship with each of our clients, and we understand that doing so means earning their trust, which is a process that happens over time. All that we ask of prospective clients is an opportunity to let our work and our service speak for itself.

Let us prove ourselves, and we are confident that you will see the benefits of switching to District Legal Services!